We specialise in Family Law

Navigating your way through relationship breakdowns and subsequent considerations around property division, child custody, maintenance and more can be an upsetting and stressful time. 

As experts in Family Law and divorce law, we have helped many families on the Northern Beaches and across Sydney through this difficult period.  We know each situation is unique and our lawyers will always endeavour to handle every case that comes into our office with sensitivity and compassion.

Our specialist lawyers can also assist you in the creation of Binding Financial Agreements which can be entered into before a relationship (sometimes referred to as Prenuptial Agreements) or during a relationship to protect your assets and give peace of mind.  Particularly in the case of later or second marriages and blended families, such agreements are becoming increasingly commonplace.

Family Law is conducted with special procedures and rules that are different from most other areas of litigation. All our lawyers have practiced extensively in this area, including two who are Accredited Specialists in Family Law.

Family Law covers:

  • Divorce;
  • Property settlements in matrimonial, de facto and same-sex relationships;
  • Arrangements for children;
  • Child support;
  • Spousal maintenance; 
  • Binding Financial Agreements (before, during and after relationships).

This is an area of practice which requires a particular set of skills and expertise which we can offer, including:

  • A detailed understanding of the ever-changing law relating to families;
  • A desire to help parties achieve negotiated settlements without resorting to Court proceedings;
  • Training in Mediation and Collaborative Law;
  • Current knowledge of the Family Court and Federal Magistrates Court Practices and Procedures, should litigation be necessary;
  • A broad experience of many different walks of life;
  • Expertise in property, commercial trusts, wills and estate law and how these interact with family issues; 
  • An understanding of the complex and changing issues which arise for parents as children grow and develop.

If you require easy to understand, expert legal advice on any family issues, call us on (02) 9976 5222 or email reception@manlylaw.com.au

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